Summer 2015

Starters and Shareables

Vidalia Onion Rings $7
cajun seasoned ale battered thick cut vidalia onions, creole fry sauce
House Cut Fries
Dark Cloud Dunkel Beer Cheese, Cheddar, Green Onion $8
Harissa and Smoked Paprika, Cheerwine BBQ Sauce $8
Chimichurri and Cracklins $5
Honey Sriracha Sweet Chili, Cilantro $6
White Truffle with Ashe County Romano, Fry Sauce $11
Southern Fries, southern style pepper breaded, sawmill gravy, local country ham prosciutto $8
Cracklin Mac n' Cheese $8
baked cheddar mac n' cheese, pork crackling "crust", tomatoes
Georgia Paté $9
boiled green peanut hummus, rosemary, olive oil, tahini, grilled focaccia, crispy collards, cucumber, roasted red pepper
Pimento Cheese $8
sharp cheddar and roasted red pepper pimento cheese, grilled stickboy focaccia
Fried Green Tomatoes $8
panko breaded fried green tomatoes, grilled vidalia onion chowchow, pimento cheese

add grilled tempeh $2, add grilled or fried chicken $5

Soup of the Day
chef's selection priced daily
Soup and Salad $10
small vidalia or bibb wedge salad served with choice of soup
Vidalia Salad $8
local greens, tomatoes, sweet corn, pecans, cucumber, cornbread croutons, pickled okra, choice of dressing
Bibb Wedge Salad $9
local bibb lettuce, ashe county Carolina blue cheese, cornbread croutons, applewood bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing
Fig and Prosciutto $12
black mission figs, watauga country ham prosciutto, fig preserves, micro greens, ashe county juusto cheese "croutons",
balsamic reduction, sea salt, cracked pepper
Strawberry Salad $11
sliced strawberries, cornbread croutons, spiced pecans, local greens, pomegranate vinaigrette, ashe county blue cheddar
Heirloom Tomato Salad $12
local heirloom tomatoes, green onion, microbasil, balsamic reduction, olive oil, cornbread croutons, ashe county romano cheese, sea salt, black pepper
Cranberry Chicken Salad $9
southern style roasted chicken salad, dried cranberries, sweet onion, pecans, and fresh herbs, sour cream dressing, green apples, local greens, grilled stickboy focaccia, orange cider vinaigrette
Cheddar Mac n' Cheese Au Gratin $9
large portion cheddar mac n' cheese, pork cracklin "crust", small bibb wedge or house salad

ranch, blue cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette, bread and butter remoulade, art of oil balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, orange cider vinaigrette, caramelized sweet onion dressing

Sandwiches and Entrees
Veggie Burger $9.50
house made veggie burger, chic peas, carrots, fresh herbs and spices, on grilled stickboy brioche, local greens, vidalia onion chowchow, house cut fries, b&b pickles (available gluten free and/or vegan please ask your server)
Tomato Pie $10
sliced tomatoes, ashe county romano and sharp cheddar pimento cheese, caramelized onions, flaky pastry crust, choice of soup or small wedge or small house salad
Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich $9
southern style roasted chicken salad, dried cranberries, sweet onion, pecans, celery, thyme, sour cream dressing, green apples, local greens, grilled wheat bread, house made chips; b&b pickles
Appalachian Ham Sandwich $10
goodnight brothers prosciutto ham, sliced green apples, ashe county juusto cheese, spicy mustard, local greens, grilled stickboy foccacia, house made chips, b&b pickles
Grilled Pimento Cheese $8
southern style sharp cheddar pimento cheese, sliced tomatoes, grilled sourdough bread, house made chips, b&b pickles
Circle W Farms Burger* $10
circle w farms 6oz burger, white american cheese, vidalia onion rings, local greens, tomatoes, b&b remoulade, grilled soft roll, house cut fries, b&b pickles
Appalachian Burger* $11
circle w farms grass fed grain finished 6 oz burger, sharp cheddar pimento cheese, applewood bacon, tomatoes, cheerwine bbq sauce, stickboy brioche bun, house cut fries, b&b pickles
B.L.F.G.T $10
applewood bacon, local greens, fried green tomatoes, pepper vinegar aioli, grilled stickboy honey wheat bread, house made chips, b&b pickles
Chicken and Waffles $13
creole battered southern fried chicken, sawmill gravy, collard greens, waffles, side of defiant north carolina whiskey infused cane syrup
Trout Banh Mi $11
north carolina trout filet, cucumber, baby greens, chili ginger veggie slaw, grilled stickboy baguette, sriracha aïoli
Pulled Pork Tacos $10
spice rubbed smoked pulled pork, cheerwine bbq sauce, cilantro, pepper vinegar slaw, flour tortillas, house made chips, b&b pickles
Fish Tacos
chef's choice fresh fish and accompaniments, flour tortillas, house made chips, b&b pickles priced daily
Vidalia Sausage Panini $9
rose mountain butcher custom made, grilled sausage, collard greens, grilled vidalia onion chowchow, grilled foccacia bread, house made chips, b&b pickles

Substitute gluten free bread $1.5
Substitute house cut fries $1.5
Substitute cheddar mac n' cheese $2
Add mac n' cheese $3.5
Substitute side salad $4
Add side salad $5
*These menu items are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions